VetConnect is a concept we want to develop so that we can support each other when we are thinking it is the end and we have no backup. We do have backup in each other from where we came from.
So VetConect is planned to be a contact platform for us to keep in touch. We want this to be an active platform where we can reach out to each other and get the backup we need. There are many factors that go into making this a good working support program. Our plan is to have this be a secure site where every veteran that comes in is vetted and then we can geo-tag each other to know where all our brothers are and who is physically close by to come as backup when we call and ask for it. You call our 877 22 to Zero phone line, you get a real vet on the line who hears you out and then sets up a contact point for another brother to come to you and walk with you out of the place you find yourself.
Email us if you want to be involve as a beta user to help use test the factors we want to put in place.