What is VetConnect?
VetConnect is a veteran exclusive social networking service headquartered in McAllen, Texas. We’ve launched this website on 08/01/15, by Marco A.  Soto and his Maverick-Movement partners Citriv and Father Goose Productions. The founder has limited it to Veterans, as it is a social network tailored to Veterans, so that they may reconnect and socialize with each other. Since 2015, a now handicapped, 100 % Disabled Service Connected Desert Veteran has passionately researched to create a solution to remedy the suicide rate among veterans. The war on terrorism started in 1993 and since then an average of 22 Veterans a day commit suicide which equals 660 monthly, 7,920 yearly. It was after a suicide attempt 4 months ago that fueled his decision that something had to be done. After very close research of all efforts to address this statistic he came to the conclusion that all were missing the same simple factor. All NPO and Government effort had Peer factor either missing or underutilized and efforts to end soldier suicide all has the same mission factor. The simple fact of the matter is that the only way to end soldier suicide was within the Veterans themselves. They and only they hold the answer, in that if empowered they can understand and assimilate any issue his brethren may have. Veterans understand Veterans and it’s that reason alone he created his call to action V.A.W.O.L Duty. He calls it this because as soldiers they couldn’t be absent without leave, correct? Well V.A.W.O.L is Veteran who is contemplating being absent without leave (Suicide). V.A.W.O.L Duty is Veterans willing to be proactive in identifying and Veteran who may be contemplating suicide or going VAWOL. This Veteran commitment is to help this brother get the support he or she needs. VetConnect is available to anyone who is a veteran and submits their original or certified copy of their official DD Form 214.


Why use VetConnect?
Same reason people use Facebook, but with a much bigger purpose in that we connect Veterans to each other, therefore creating a military style atmosphere, Veterans can indentify with. This reconnection to their own will not only serve as a social platform, but indirectly will create the ability for Veterans to open up with one another. VetConnect is a virtual community that once is in mainstream, will serve as the foundation of a multifaceted plan to end soldier suicide.
While there are already lots of other ways to unify and address soldier suicide, VetConnect is much more than a quick fix approach to a worldwide epidemic. What makes VetConnect unique is the exclusivity and ability to connect Veterans. VetConnect enables Veterans to confidently share memories, life experiences, frustrations, and everyday struggles with peers who understand their trials and tribulations. This foundation will create a safe zone and help Veterans pulling V.A.W.O.L. Duty identify potential tragedy before it’s too late.


How does Vet-Connect work?
Vet-Connect participation is as simple as providing a military issued DD Form 214, and providing a verified, current email address.


How does Vet-Connect sharing work?
Vet-Connect allows you to send messages and post status updates to keep in touch with your Veteran brothers and sisters. You can also share different types of content such as photos, links, and more. But sharing something on Vet-Connect is a bit different from other types of online social media communication. Because just like email or instant messaging, Vet-Connect is exclusive to Veterans and is extremely private. Things you share and experience on Vet-Connect are intended only for Veterans and their benefit.

Currently we are working on A all platform APPLICATION.