Maverick-Movement Inspired Events

No Ride For Soldier Suicide

To show support for the ongoing battle against soldier suicide, Maverick-Movement hosted Park’emAll-4-V.A.W.O.L.” (Veteran Absent With Out Leave).


This was a one day event where Veterans, out of respect for their fellow comrades and fallen brothers, “parked” their motorcycles and vehicles for that day.  Although some slight hindrance might arise from willingly choosing to go without their means of transportation for a day, Veterans throughout the community, showed up to show their support of the Fight Against Soldier Suicide and respect for those that lost their battle against it.

Maverick Movement will consider any event collaboration that promotes the support of veterans during their need for validation.
Contact David Cuellar our Peer-toPeer Coordinator to initiate event planning
cell 956 222-2765 email:


Some of our brothers in arms are without home or food in the very country they swore to protect its freedom. We need to let them know we are with them.

If you know of any Vets who are without home or food connect them to Maverick-Movement and help us feed them and give them hope for a better future.