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Sun. Aug 9th, 2020


Forever My Brothers Keeper

Our Mission

The Maverick-Movement is a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization 47-5556445 that is committed to positively impact the soldier suicide epidemic that has plagued our veteran culture. Our unique peer to peer approach provides the proper oversight between the Department of Defense and the Maverick-Movement for transitioning members and their families. Our program provides all the contact information to all the local resources involved in any relocation. Our program is a valuable asset in reducing some stress that is commonly related to a relocation. The real value of our program slips under the radar of the member and his or her family. The relationship that is developed between the member and his or her peer counselor is the ultimate goal. Because it gives the peer counselor a birds eye view inside the transitioning member’s normal habits, tenancies, behavior and overall demeanor. This undetected generated information provides the peer counselor the unique ability in identifying any abnormalities in behavior common in previous cases of suicide. Our proactive initiatives main objective is to catch tragedy BEFORE it strikes.

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Buckle up for a unfortunate reality.

Did you know that 22 Veterans take their own lives EVERY day in our country? Did you know that 7% of our nation’s population consists of Veterans? Did you know that this means we currently we have about 22,658,000 Veterans within every community across this country. (This is according to the 2010 census.)

Instead of simply listing currently accepted national statistics of soldier suicide and it going in one ear and out the other. We at the Maverick-Movement believes that to inflict the most impact on you and your conscious adequately. Lets agree or acknowledge this epidemic exists in our communities. Now lets break down this current suicide rate by doing some simple together step by step.

PART 1 :

Lets begin by stating the facts, which are that the current suicide statistic among veteran”s is an alarming 22 per day every day. To begin this exercise lets start by calculating the amount of Veterans that take their own lives daily (22) over the longevity of this war. If 22 veterans lose their lives daily lets multiply that by 30 days per month which will render the unnecessary loss of life on a monthly basis. Now lets multiply that total by the amount of 12 calendar months per year.


Now assuming we can agree that our military involvement in Iraq started in 1993.. we can safely continue. Secondly we can all concede that this war is also currently active …correct? ok…  Now to continue this exercise we need to identify the total amount of years of our military involvement . To achieve this factor we simply have to calculate the total amount of years of our military involvement that spans from 1993 to this year 2018. Now the last step in calculating the total number of soldier suicides to date is to multiply the amount of years of our military involvement with the total number of suicides that you calculated occur over one year. (Processing)……

Yes this is how many Hero’s have fallen to this epidemic!!

The 22 daily Veteran suicide rate is actually a modest number if you consider the missing factors of all the veteran”s that go missing and or are homeless with no proof of military service when found. plus the veterans whom are in nursing homes and have no next of kin to identify him/her as a veteran. The consensus between veteran organizations nationwide is closer to 40 per day. This actual total of 40 was confirmed and published by the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). Until 2007, the numbers remained pretty stable, then the suicide rates skyrocketed by 11% from 2007 to 2010.

The suicide rate is steadily rising and is not even making the newspapers across America. The national assumption of the veterans most apt to commit suicide is that they are young returning males. Normally within their first 3 years of being released from service which are at the highest risk for committing suicide. This nationally accepted narrative is not only grossly inaccurate but insanely IGNORANT to accept as fact. To add insult to injury this false rhetoric has a domino affect that causes this statistic to also impact the federal resources allocated to research and fight this epidemic. So not only is the amount of  resources nominal but also misdirected. This false data was generated by an unknown source and agreed upon by the powers that be. Then like usual this statistic or demographic became the official consensus supported by the White House.

The war on soldier suicide needs a total overhaul to say the very least  and must be investigated thoroughly if the goal is to end the soldier suicide epidemic. (Spoiler alert not only is the focus veteran age bracket and gender wrong its daily totals are almost double.) The number one percentage of age bracket and war era affected in the calculation of the daily suicides committed. Are by our most mistreated warfighter of the the Vietnam War. Truth be told the Vietnam Veteran”s were not only spat on by the citizens they fought to defend but this era of warfighter were also completely discarded upon arrival by the country who drafted them to defend it.

What a deal huh? It is a disgrace and it needs to be rectified. We at the Maverick-Movement hope and pray that this information will ensue enough interest to empower you to get involved and join us on th

e fight on soldier suicide. We understand that not everyone has the time to dedicate to our cause but your monitary support to any of our fundraisers and or t shirt campaigns WOULD truly help our overall mission to one day end soldier suicide.

Who We Are

The Maverick-Movement is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization (47-5556445) was founded by a 100 % service connected disabled USAF Veteran who also happens to be a suicide survivor. The Maverick-Movement has members nationwide and as such literally touches every corner of this great country. The Maverick-Movement is operated by all the members of previous and present Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. We represent every branch of service and have come together once again to battle our new enemy …suicide. Our unified goal is to seek and destroy our common enemy. This enemy is the Grim Reaper who steals our brothers and sister’s in arms souls like a thief in the night. As a Veteran community our conjoined focus is to create a strong veteran culture that can defend every veteran in every community across America.

Maverick-Movement message for every Veteran:

We can all agree that there are very few truths veterans of all branches can unilaterally agree on.

But here are two that are.

#1 Is that nobody ever gets left behind.  Because we all believe,  “I am

my brother’s keeper!”

#2 Is that ONLY Veteran”s can speak Veteran.

Now if you agree that these two are true. Is it not up to us to own up to this epidemic and make our personal unified mission to discover its remedy?

“Because if not you…. then who? And if not now…then when?” Maverick de Soto


The Maverick-Movement meets the public charity status under IRC section 501(c)(3), 509(a)(2) and is exempt from federal income taxes under 501(c)(3). This means that potential donors CAN deduct any monetary contributions made to the Maverick-Movement in their end of year tax preparations under IRC Section 107. The Maverick-Movement is also able to accept tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under IRC Sections 2055, 2106, and 2522.


Read about our Founder and CEO Marco “Maverick” Soto

Click on the title above to be taken to the news channel site where they feature Marco’s story and how he came to the point he began building the Maverick-Movement.

Currently we are finalizing additions to our site and configuring our hotline to better aid Veterans in need

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